Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Whilst we will always try our best to be flexible and understanding of what can be a stressful time in the run up to your wedding, we must point out the following to avoid any confusion at a later date – we want you to be fully informed on the service you will receive.


  1. A part-payment of at least 50% is required on all gowns and accessories that are to be ordered
  2. Your gown and accessories will be ordered immediately (unless otherwise agreed). Once ordered, gowns/accessories cannot be changed
  3. The part payment is non-refundable if an item is subsequently cancelled. Any balance payment is also due once the items arrive
  4. The balance of payment is due when you first put your gown/accessories on – this should be no later than 4 weeks after we have contacted you to inform of their arrival – we will contact you once your gown(s)/accessories arrive to arrange this
  5. Gowns ordered will be to the designers nearest standard size (e.g. 12; 14; 16) in agreement with customer measurements – the gown can then be altered for a custom fit, if required. PLEASE NOTE:  THE COST OF ANY ALTERATIONS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE GOWN – See our alterations policy below.  If there are no alterations, then there is no charge
  6. We cannot accept any responsibility for garments not fitting due to a customer’s increase or decrease in weight although we will always offer the use of our seamstress services to adjust with alterations
  7. Any variations in colour or beadwork from our sample gown is rare or would be very slight and would only be made by our designers if they deem necessary for quality purposes
  8. Once your gown has arrived and you have tried it on – it is yours to take away, you do not have to use our alteration service and no ‘package charges’ have been added onto the price of your gown for this.  If you do require us to store and keep your gown at The Bridal Collection, and have your fittings with a seamstress here, then we do need to make a charge of £50 per bridal gown – this covers the cost of storing and insuring your gown up to your collection date (usually up to two weeks prior to your wedding); steaming and preparing your gown for collection. It also includes an appointment on collection for us to show your chosen person how to ‘dress’ you in your gown for your wedding day
  9. You will be invited to check all items to ensure you are satisfied before these items leave the premises ONCE ITEMS LEAVE OUR PREMISES, THE RESPONSIBILITY PASSES TO THE CUSTOMER


Alterations Policy

Gowns are ordered in standard designer sizes (e.g. 10, 12, 14) most appropriate to the customer’s measurements, and these will be agreed with you.  The gowns can then be altered, if required, for a more custom fit. 

You are not obliged to have your gown(s) altered at The Bridal Collection and may prefer a family member or friend to do this for you.  However, should you wish our seamstress to make any alterations, this is at an additional cost.  You will be advised of any alteration cost before any work is carried out.