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About Hero Mobile

Hello! We’re pleased you’ve found us! We’ve been around since January 2009 and since that time have had a fabulous time finding lots of gorgeous girls their wedding dresses (and everything else they need to go with them!).



Our vision & Values


Our customers are at the heart of everything we do and when you choose us, we want you to feel the confidence that the whole process from finding your gown and accessories through to leaving with your wedding dress ready for the big day, will be a wonderful memory that you can treasure as part of your wedding journey.
Our whole ethos is underpinned with a foundation of approachability, knowledge, professionalism, honesty and integrity and we want our team, our suppliers and our brides to feel those vibes!

About Image Mobile

Our team


We currently have five bridal stylists, two seamstresses, and our occasional Saturday Assistant. We all have individual areas of expertise that we bring to the table and of course, put into the mix our different personalities and life experiences, it gives us a lively working rapport and a great sense of humour and fun in the boutique.

About Debbie Mobile 1


'Boss Lady' (as the team call her!) Debbie opened The Bridal Collection in January 2009, why?... Something she'd always wanted to do!

A background career in HR and management training but a mad passion for anything creative pushed her to follow that dream. Attention to detail and pushing for everything to be 'just right' are Debbie's strengths (and yes, she says this sometimes makes her a nightmare to work with!) but she feels these are areas so important to make sure the business runs smoothly... you can't argue with that - in fact, don't try to argue with Debbie, you won't get a word in edgeways!

About Sally Mobile 2


'Trainee Boss Lady' - Sally only came in to buy a wedding dress about seven years ago and never left! (honestly!). She enjoyed the experience so much, that when a stylist role was advertised, she knew that was the job for her. The rest as they say is now history! Debbie made Sally a business partner in 2020 and says her personal skills and experience coupled with the passion she has for the bridal industry and the boutique make her the perfect person to take the leading role in the near future. Sally is famous amongst the team for her 'lists' - we all need a good list to keep us organised! 

About Francesca Mobile 3


Francesca is our whirlwind! She joined us initially as an invaluable ‘Saturday Girl’ and soon realised she wanted to play a bigger part and we are so pleased she did! Now our lead bridal stylist she’s just ‘on it’ – she has that great knack of knowing what our brides want before they know themselves and can be relied upon to pull something amazing out of the bag with quick thinking and quirky sense of style. Francesca is also hot on our Social Media side of the boutique!

About Sophie Mobile 4


The girl with the pink hair (usually!) Sophie is our bubbly bundle of fun! She is probably the most ‘emotional’ member of the team and she really does empathise with our brides. She has a wicked sense of humour and can be relied upon to ‘tell it how it is’ which we sometimes need! Sophie loves being part of the ‘dream team’ and brings her own kind of craziness to it!

About Jasmin Mobile 5


Our newest bridal stylist and although she’s still checking us out, we know she loves us! Jasmin has picked things up so quickly and is raring to get going with her bridal appointments…if it wasn’t for that damned covid she’d be well on her way! Jasmin is probably the quietest member of our team (so far) but we know that will all change once she gets going!

About Amey Mobile 6


Our seamstress Amey joined us just over five years ago and has a degree in fashion design but luckily for us, she prefers the sewing side to the designing side! Her detailed beading and lace work is exquisite and her design skills just amaze us. This lady is seriously talented!...but she hides her light under a bushel…never mind we will keep on singing her praises from the rooftops!

About Steph Mobile 7


We bow down to the wisdom and experience of our Steph who has been sewing and doing alterations for more years than some of the team have been alive! What she doesn’t know and can’t do with an alteration isn’t worth knowing! We keep her firmly shackled to the sewing machine and as long as she gets presented with a latte and biscuit at regular intervals, she’s a happy bunny! Don’t know what we’d do without her!

We'd love to celebrate with you and help you find that perfect dress!