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Philippa & Alex Briggs


"We loved every second of our big day and I felt like a princess throughout!! With Covid just about clearing off, we weren’t hanging around to set a date. We got married only 7 months after we got engaged. The bridal collection wasn’t the first dress shop I visited, in fact I had already bought a dress. The stress of trying to get the perfect dress in such little time had panicked me and made the start of my dress hunting experience quite stressful. After a couple of days of worrying over a dress I wasn’t 100% happy with I called the bridal collection. I explained my situation (the fact I had already chosen a dress but wasn’t happy and that we had less than 6 months now before the big day) and they were beyond helpful. I was reassured that 6 months would be plenty of time to get my dream dress ready. I chose my gorgeous princess dress and walked away very happy and so excited to wear it again. Throughout the next 6 months the team at The bridal collection were so lovely and great at keeping in touch. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Our day soon came around and we were hit with Storm Eunice. Although it did not make our day any less special. We embraced the storm, rain, wind and all and laughed throughout the whole day. It was the most amazing day we could have asked for and I am so grateful that the Bridal collection were a part of my bridal journey."