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Estelle & Sam Lashley


"In a year like no other we were still able to make the HAPPIEST of memories. In January of 2020 I decided it was going to be a good year for me and Sam certainly made that happen. We got engaged in May and begin planning as we wanted a short engagement. Our initial date was 26th of November, but a very sudden month long lockdown made that an impossible dream. With hopes of a lockdown release on December 2nd we decided to move the wedding back by a week with only one day to get everything finalised. 2nd December came round and it was GO GO GO! Get the dress ( Which you made possible in such short notice!), get all the décor to the venue, meet my auntie to collect our wedding cake, make sure all the suits were ready and everyone was organised, including our photographer (who was travelling up from Leicester). December 3rd came very quickly and I remember feeling very relaxed knowing everything was now out of my hands and all I had to do was put on my makeup and get dressed. Simple right? Maybe not with the nerves I was feeling, oh and the excitement! My good friend and hair dresser came and did our hair and calmed us all. Including my nervous big brothers and father. If only we could have cloned her and sent one to Sam's house! I was maybe half an hour delayed to the church, in classic me style. Sam was so nervous he forgot he was allowed to turn and watch me walk down the aisle but a glance over at me when I arrived at the altar an and his tears began. An hour and half later and we were officially Mr & Mrs Lashley! We then travelled to our venue, which had to be moved to a Tier 1 location over in Settle and it was truly beautiful. A small and intimate family meal to celebrate our marriage. Some tear jerking speeches and and evening playing charades - this is not easy with that much dress! We woke the next morning to snow and many happy family members. It was all perfect."