When it's all over...

When it's all over...

When it's all over.... Mobile Image

Apr 17, 2024


 Doesn't this new bout of sunny weather make you want to have a good clean and sort out?  I know it spurs me on! In fact my Husband dreads the sight of the rubber gloves coming out (oo-er missus, not in that way!)....because he knows it won't just stop at the house being 'bottomed' - I'll be in sorting frenzy too and nothing is safe!!!  


So if that's you....what about your beautiful wedding dress?  You've had your fabulous wedding day; the photos and videos have all been viewed and the thank you cards sent....the memories of your wonderful day will of course last forever...but before you go....one last thing to take care of....your wedding dress! Why not use our professional dry cleaning and boxing service to protect and keep her stored safely (for when you want to have a peep in future).   


Give us a call to arrange to drop your dress in; prices range from £180 - £250 for the full service.