Taking your dress home...

Taking your dress home...

Taking your dress home.... Mobile Image

Jun 02, 2024

Not long to go to the big day!  Are you taking your dress home for the last time?


Here’s our top tips for how to keep your beautiful wedding dress aisle-ready!


  1. Take your dress out of the protective gown bag, making sure to keep your hand behind the zip to protect the fabric from catching – no snags please!
  2. Hang her as high as possible (at least as high as your own head) so the front of the dress is not touching the floor. The front of the dress should be facing the wall/mirror/wardrobe; with the back of the dress laid out in the room space.
  3. Make sure the dress hanging loops/ribbons are taking the weight of your dress and NOT the more delicate fabric of your straps/sleeves. (You may have to double over the loops). This ensures your straps don’t stretch and fall off your shoulders when you wear your dress.
  4. Unhook the train loop from around the top of the hanger and spread your train out on the floor, this will help any transport creases to drop out.
  5. If you have a long way to travel, or you’re worried that your train is made of a fabric that will crease easily, consider asking your venue if they offer a steaming service, you may even want to invest in your own hand held steamer to take with you – just make sure you do this on the night before and not on the day itself!


And finally….don’t forget, we are here for you if you need any help or advice throughout your whole bridal journey!