Re-opening date - The glorious twelfth

Re-opening date - The glorious twelfth

Re-opening date - The glorious twelfth. Mobile Image

Mar 21, 2021

The Glorious Twelfth is a famous phrase associated with the start of grouse shooting season.  What has that got to do with bridal? Nothing...but for us it has a whole new meaning! The glorious 12th....of April, the date when after three national lockdowns and over a year of pandemic, we, along with the rest of the Country's non essential retailers can re-open our businesses, hopefully without threat of further closures.  I have to say the title 'non-essential retail' has made me cross, because it's pretty essential to me!! My livelihood, my job, my passion!  Anyway, off my soap box (for now).


This has been a long, emotional and financially tortuous 12 months for so many and one we are desperate to put behind us  We have felt the emotional strain from our couples who have had to postpone, and in many cases postpone two and three times, the weddings they have spent months and years planning for and the uncertainty they have had to face. Also for our fellow retailers, our suppliers and our designers, all hit financially and wondering how to get through and survive.


Now I feel as a country and as a business, we are moving out of the 'survival' phase and with a determined and positive attitude, into the recovery phase and our beautiful boutique; amazing team and all that we are has been worth fighting for!


I hope you can all start to see some positivity over the next few months and can look forward to returning to a new normal.  I say a 'new normal' because I'm not sure things will ever be quite the same as they were before, perhaps we will take a little less for granted and appreciate more what we have and what's important in out lives, I for sure will do!  Debbie x