Last minute wedding? No panic!

Last minute wedding? No panic!

Last minute wedding? No panic!. Mobile Image

Apr 11, 2021're getting married in four months?...three months?..even two months! You haven't got your dress? Well of course, not your fault as the shops have been closed!

This is a familiar story and we have so many brides booked in over the coming weeks whose weddings are literally within weeks of their appointments.  But, it's not a problem!  This is where our amazing Outlet Department comes into its own.  Normally carrying around 60 - 90 dresses it currently is bursting at the seams with around 130 dresses waiting to find the bride who will wear them on their wedding day!


These dresses are not seconds or sub-standard, they've just been taken off range by us or our designers and make their way up to the Outlet Department.  The bonus of course is that they are all half price or less and of course they are more or less 'good to go' - after a little tweak here and there for that perfect fit to the lucky bride who gets to choose.


Please don't worry, it's not a case of 'buy the dress and go' - our customer service is the most important thing to us and that's why whether you're buying a full price dress or one from our Outlet, you still get the same service so we are pleased to offer you the full fitting and seamstress appointments, if you choose and you don't have to of course, if you know someone who can do that for you.


So, don't worry if you haven't got long until your wedding, or indeed if you'd just rather spend a bit less!  We've got you covered!