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Guest Dresses

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May 12, 2021

As much as we'd like to, we can't buy every dress our designers bring out each we carefully select to make sure we have a little something for everyone and make sure we keep bang on trend with the new designs!


So it gives us great pleasure when we can 'borrow' a few extra dresses from our designers for a couple of weeks...just to test them out and give you a little something extra!


Our guest dresses for the next couple of weeks are the fabulous Kaysen - a sexy fitted lace gown with the most amazing detachable train to give you the full look for day and the sleek look for night!  Burke - a stunning boho lace that wouldn't look amiss amongst the flower fields!  Finally Valentia - full soft floral lace and delicate shoestring straps to finish off.  So, if you're loving one of these beauties, book your appointment to try on as they won't be with us for very long x