Best Bridal Retailer North West Region

Best Bridal Retailer North West Region

Best Bridal Retailer North West Region. Mobile Image

Nov 30, 2020

When we say we are a ‘multi-award winning boutique’…we really do mean it!

On Saturday we were ecstatic to win The Wedding Industry Awards title of Best Bridal Retailer in the North West Region for the third year running!

Everyone loves an award! It’s a ‘pat on the back’, a ‘well done, great job!’  For us, entering these highly acclaimed industry awards the past three years has not only been about the reward (although that is very very nice!), it’s been about measuring how well we are doing and finding out where we sit amongst our industry colleagues.


These awards are judged in two ways, firstly and most importantly for us, by our brides.  Brides that were married over a 12 month period get to have their say and their vote on just how we did, for them, as one of our customers and they get to comment and ‘judge’ on every single aspect of their time with us.  Secondly if we get through that stage, we are passed onto a panel of specific bridal retailer industry experts who will delve deep into all other aspects of our business (and believe me, they know what they are talking about).


Once all the excitement and shouting is over, we receive fantastic detailed feedback from our brides and the judges which really does help us to analyse where our strengths and weaker areas lie, and it gives us the starting point to decide if and what we can change to make things even better! It is so useful to see ourselves through someone else’s eyes!


This year particularly, to win the award for the third year was a real boost for us.  It has been for everyone, a difficult year to live through, as covid changed our personal and working lives in major ways.  So, to be told we were still at the top of our game despite those challenges was an amazing achievement for us.

We will continue to look for new, exciting and different ways to do things and if we can, improve on what we’ve done before.  Thank you to everyone for your confidence in us, we are truly grateful.

The Bridal Collection Team x