Covid-19 update - When will we see you again?

Covid-19 update - When will we see you again?. Mobile Image

Jan 20, 2021

Covid-19 update - When will we see you again? So, 2020 came.and went and lets face it, not many of us will forget it in a hurry! I guess I knew, given all of the signs that January would see us in another national lockdown and as much as I hate it, it had to happen.  I think though, that we are all feeling the anxiety of not knowing when it will be over.  We have this middle of February Government review date in our heads but along with that weve heard the PM talk about nothing much happening until after February half term.and possibly a little longer taking us until the beginning of March. So, were taking it week by week at the moment.  My hope is that we can re-open, albeit in a Tier structure again, early March but Im also prepared and steeling myself for that to turn into the end of March!  The vaccinations are such a welcome relief that we are on our way out of this and that this is the final push to protect the vulnerable from getting so ill that the pressure on our Health Service is overloadedwe can do this! Once things do get going again I do think the steps down through the Tiers and through to some normality will happen quite quickly.  Sadly, that may not be quick enough for some of our Spring weddings and that makes me sad. Many of our brides who have already postponed two and three times are saying, if they can go ahead in the Spring, even with very small numbers, they just want to get married! Whilst others are telling me no, they have planned for years for their big day and they want it to be everything theyve dreamed of, and why shouldnt it, so they are preferring to postpone again to a much later date, next year or even beyond. Our lines of communication are fully open for our brides and we will accommodate moving dates, or rushing through fittings and alterations for weddings going ahead days after we re-open we are here for you and if we can take away a little of the stress in that department then that would be great! And so we will see you all on the other side of what I sincerely hope will be the last lockdown!!  Until then, take care of yourselves. Sending love, Debbie x