All change - 2020 Brides

All change - 2020 Brides. Mobile Image

Nov 18, 2020

All change! What a rollercoaster we are all on and have been since March! For our brides, 'is it on?, is it off?...wait it's on again...oh no! it's off!'  I kid you not, that has been what the majority of our 2020 brides have been through and, for many, what they are still going through.  We have been with you every step, feeling it all and adding to that for us, 'are we open?! we have to close....oh! we are open, wait, we've got to close again!' I've spoken to a lot of you lovely girls and you are taking it all in your stride, I guess there's nothing more you can do at this moment in time...but it's stressful, right? It's been the same trying to run a business but I do feel there's light at the end of the tunnel with the announcement of not one but several promising vaccines - I know there isn't going to be a magic wand effect and things change overnight but it certainly gives some positivity that we are going in the right direction and we can dare to hope that 2021 weddings will be able to go ahead in some format near to normality by the Summer - everything crossed here! We are all feeling very positive, despite currently being in lockdown but we have had to make choices to do positive things for the boutique to help get us through.  So, a little re-vamp project in our happy place was a must!  Our boutique is a big space and we usually get the professional decorators in but it was important to us to undertake this mini makeover ourselves - we felt we wanted to be busy doing something positive during lockdown. We can't wait to be open again at the start of December to show you when you visit again what we've been up to - we've gone a bit bolder in colour for that bit of drama but kept it in tune with our clean, uncluttered lines in the boutique (after all, the gorgeous dresses don't need any competition to shine!).  It's not quite complete yet, a few more finishing touches and we can step back and admire! We can't wait to welcome you back soon, for now, stay safe. Debbie x