Don't give up...there's hope!

Don't give up...there's hope!. Mobile Image

Nov 10, 2020

Dont give up!...theres hope! If I had a pound for every time Ive told myself this since covid-19 you all know how the saying goes! So here we are in lockdown again and as much as Ive stamped my feet and hurled abuse (not at customers!), this time feels different. During the first lockdown I felt like a rabbit in headlights, not knowing what was coming, how hard it was going to hit and with no clue on which direction to run in.  This time I guess I anticipated it, was more prepared and had been through it all before.  Dont you find that? When you know whats coming and what the drill is you sort of arm yourself ready for the battle and it doesnt feel as bad for me the word is controlI definitely feel more in control and a Bridal Retailer in control is a force to be reckoned with! As much as I hate the boutique being closed and not being with my team (they are mostly furloughed once more!) I am going to make the most of this opportunity.  We always try to keep on top of the décor to make sure it looks clean and fresh but this time weve decided to use some of the closure time by having a mini re-vamp in a couple of our bridal rooms.a new colour, some new furniture and accessories and we will feel like a new boutique! Mention the words new colour scheme and Sally was there with the colour going back now! Weve also enjoyed re-designing some of our stationery, again putting some new colours in there (did I mention I love change?). So our lockdown response is a positive one, almost a week gone by and we have the rest of the time all mapped out and we are making every day count, including an earlier than usual decorating of the Christmas window might as well get that done and ready before we re-open (watch this space). With yesterdays excellent news regarding the potential vaccine storming ahead, dare we hope that we can see light at the end of the tunnel?  Ive already received emails from our brides today hoping to plough forward with their Spring wedding plans in the hope now that the numbers allowed for weddings will rise to a reasonable number allowing long planned dreams to go ahead, I sincerely hope that will be the case! Dont give up.youve got this! Debbie x