If you've been to see us this week, thank you! It's like we've never been away!

If you've been to see us this week, thank you! It's like we've never been away!. Mobile Image

Jul 08, 2020

So we've been back in the boutique a week now and it feels fantastic!  The first few days there was just Sally and myself and I think we talked that much our ears were bleeding, there was so much catching up to do.  Then we had the whole team in for some covid training, it was good to see everyone and of course everyone had so many questions on how things would work and what we would be doing differently when we re-opened our doors.  We even had to run through a 'practice appointment' just to see how close we needed to get to our brides. Of course it's good to think things through and practice but there's nothing like the real situation to really see how things are working and it was great to open our door last Friday to some of our current brides.  Our first customers on the Friday were some of our brides whose dresses had arrived during lockdown and they were really looking forward to putting them on for the first time.  Then from Saturday we began our new bridal appointments, fabulous to be back helping brides find that special dress, after all, that's what we do best! So now after almost a week, we are quite comfortable in our visors and our customised 'bum bags' to keep everyone's bits and pieces separate....everyone is really used to the hand sanitising and hand washing and it all seems to be going rather smoothly.         One of my worries with the changes we have had to make is the 'locked door policy' as we are known to be a welcoming and friendly boutique but so far it hasn't seemed to be a problem, we have had to find a rather loud and 'tuneful' doorbell, just to make sure we hear it and don't leave anyone standing outside for too long! So thank you to everyone who has been bearing with us; thank you for coming to your appointments on time; thank you for bringing and wearing your masks when we've asked you to; thank you for bringing your own shoes; thank you for only bringing one guest - we really do appreciate you sticking to these necessary 'rules' at this time, they are only there to keep you and our team safe by limiting the risk - I don't think my grey hairs could stand another lockdown!! Debbie x