So many postponed weddings...we're thinking of you x

So many postponed weddings...we're thinking of you x. Mobile Image

Jun 24, 2020

It's been a strange and scary three months hasn't it! 
I know covid-19 and all it's affects will have impacted on each of us in different ways, whether you've had to deal with your own illness; worry over someone close being ill; concern over whether you'll keep your job or, like me, worry over how my business will survive? - they are all situations that none of us expected to be in back in February and it was a situation that hit us full on and fast! So now we plan to start the road to recovery and hopefully, normality - how have you coped?  Has anything good come out of this for you?  I know lots of you have enjoyed a slower pace of life and spending time with your family (same household of course!); many of us have done some of those jobs around the house that we never have time to do and that's been quite therapeutic (even though I now have boxes full to go to the tip!) Not to mention the exercise...plenty of walking and even dusting off the 20 year old bike!  Despite that...the scales still show a figure higher than the one I started lockdown did that happen??!! Many of us have had to wave goodbye to plans.  Plans for family gatherings; birthday celebrations; holidays and of course in our line of work, we know how many of you have had to postpone your weddings.  Months and sometimes years (lets face it you dream of your wedding day from being a little girl!) of planning to make your wedding day the special event you've always wanted it to be.  Although 'small' weddings (with 30 people) can currently take place, this isn't the day many of you planned and who wouldn't want their friends and family around them to share in one of our most precious and joyful life's rituals? So for all of you that have had to make the difficult decision to postpone, remember that's what it is...a postponement.  You can't cancel love!  Know that we have been thinking of you all and we will pick up with you right where we left off when it's time.  We truly mean what we have it all to look forward to and the best is yet to come x