Meet The Bridal Collection Team x

Meet The Bridal Collection Team x

Meet The Bridal Collection Team x. Mobile Image

Jun 16, 2020

Meet our fabulous Bridal Collection Team...they will be looking after you from the minute you first come for your appointment until the day you leave with your wedding dress!
Everyone of our team is unique and talented...each brings something different to the boutique with their skills and personalities and together we make The Bridal Collection what it is today, an amazing place to be and we look forward to welcoming you soon x


Hi Im Sally, Ive been a part of The Bridal Collection since 2014 and the journey has been quite an adventure so far!  It all really began back in high school when two awkward geeky teenagers first met at house party & one asked the other Are we sort of a thing then?.  Turns out they sort of were and 10 years later Matthew & I got engaged.  While wedding planning was a total joy for me, there was one thing which made my stomach churn finding the dress. I had visions of entering a boutique full of immaculately made-up women who would take one look at me and refuse to believe anyone wanted to marry me. I had no idea how it worked, what did I need to say, I was so nervous!
When it came to my appointment, it is absolutely one of my best memories of my wedding.  I shared it with my mum and my friends, I chose, I tried on, most of us cried it was pretty special! I felt looked after, listened too and if I didnt know quite how to say what I meant then there was someone there who knew these dresses (literally) inside out and somehow managed to show me just the right thing.  I left the shop that day having found the dress I couldnt wait to wear on my wedding day.
When I saw months later that there was an opportunity to join the Bridal Collection team I just knew I had to be a part of it.  Making someone feel like Debbie & Esther had made me feel during my time as a bride just seemed like the most wonderful way to be a part of someones wedding journey.  I have loved learning all the different fabrics, shapes & designers and I cant get enough of wedding dresses these days but what I really love about my job is meeting the people.
I have to admit to always having a soft spot for the bride who doesnt normally wear dresses or isnt having a typical wedding because you girls are so much fun!  My absolute favourite thing is listening to all your ideas, however off the wall & find a way to reflect that in your beautiful gown.  Need a dress you can climb a tree in?  A gown that works with your vintage cowboy boots? Or maybe one that somehow subtly coordinates with your Game of Thrones table settings? Whatever inspires you and reflects who you are as a bride thats what I want to run with and create you an amazing look which you cant wait to wear on your wedding day.


I have been part of The Bridal Collection for a few years now and every day my passion for the industry grows.  The fashion, the designers, the appointments, people and colleagues make for the happiest place to be.
A  lot of people say to us this must be a dream to work here and it truly is!  To help make other womens dreams come true for their big day is an honour and Im so proud to be part of The Bridal Collection family.


From the moment I started my training as a bridal consultant I knew it was going to be the job for me, after only a few short weeks working alongside such an amazing team I felt like I had found my niche.
I feel like there arent any words to really describe just how rewarding this job really is.  I guess you could say its a little crazy, a lot of fun and a whole big bucket of love all rolled into one!
For me, getting to meet such wonderful people and helping make their dreams a reality really is the icing on the cake and I mean, who wouldnt love being surrounded by beautiful bridal gowns every day!


Sewing and making have been a part of my life since I was around 12 years old, I have always been fascinated with how a simple piece of fabric can be transformed into anything imaginable.  Even after five years of working at The Bridal Collection, despite every customer being different, I can honestly say that with every dress it brings a new challenge and that is what I love.
Your wedding dress reflects your personality and your passion for the big day ahead, and I am here to help you feel 100% confident in your dream dress.  It is always a wonderful feeling knowing that I have contributed in a small way to someones special day, I am very thankful for customers putting their trust in me.  We all work in unison here as a Bridal Collection family, we all support each other and have a wonderful relationship between us.  Although peak season is an extremely busy period, it isn't like going to work, it is more like a full-time hobby with friends xx


I have been sewing for many years. Dressmaking, alterations, soft furnishings and much more. Sewing was my hobby then turned into my occupation. Then, three years ago I joined The Bridal Collection, best move I made! Each day has its challenges. I work with a lovely group of people and to be able to help make a bride look her best on one of the most important days of her life is a privilege and an honour.


Our newest staff member, Jasmin was due to start her training as bridal stylist with us on 27th March and of course we all know what happened on 23rd March so sadly, her start date has had to be set back a few monthsbut she will be with us at the end of June for our Covid-19 training sessions and ready for action to finally get going!
Due to covid-19 I have unfortunately been unable to start my new role at The Bridal Collection. Its been one of the things keeping me going in lockdown, the thought of starting my dream job.  I think like most women that walk past a bridal store, I cant help but have a look at the dresses in the window and daydream about seeing myself in them or imagining who else would look amazing in them too!
I am so excited that Ill soon be able to work with these beautiful designer dresses daily, but also all the brides that will have been dreaming about their wedding and how to help them make the biggest decision of their special day (because as we all knowits all about THE DRESS!).
I cant wait to learn the ropes with a brilliant team and help all the new brides to be with their experience.


I have known Debbie for more years than I want to admit to.  When she told me that she was giving up a career with a guaranteed salary to start her own business with no guarantees, it was no surprise.  I have been there from the beginning, I have seen highs and lows, laughter and tears but the underlying passion and love for the business has never dwindled and is stronger now than ever.
So my role in the life of The Bridal Collection, I have followed in the footsteps of Debbie's daughter Beth and my daughter Bliss, and when needed and the call comes I am The Saturday Girl.  The Saturday Girls role is not one that should be underestimated, on an average day I will rack up well over 10k steps, pour several glasses of bubbles, make many cups of tea and occasionally hang dresses back in completely the wrong spot. However, saying that it is a real joy, privilege and even a pleasure to spend the occasional Saturday in the Boutique.
The team are an amazing group, a mixed group, a diverse group all with one goal in mind to make sure that every person who steps over the threshold of The Bridal Collection of Lancaster has their very own unique experience.
Note from Debbie: Tonia has been very reserved in her write up, not just Saturday Girl, also there at wedding fayres; shop move and always grateful to her and her Husband Chris, for the support and manpower during the awful floods of 2015 She has been a constant rock and a fabulous best friend! x


I often get asked what made you open a bridal shop?  Its a long story that Ill try to shorten!  I always wanted to be a fashion designer, as a child I was never without sketch books; bits of fabric and pins and my greatest joy was an old dressmaker mannequin that someone gave my Mum and I spent hours and hours draping and pinning and creating.   When it got to the serious stuff, my parents talked me out of it saying it wasnt a proper job and I guess back in the early 80s when I was at sixth form, I can see where they were coming from, so I ended up in banking and did my further education in Industrial management a  million miles away from fashion!!  Then later in life I studied a degree in HR and training and thats where I spent most of my career which I loved.
All through that time, I never lost my interest in fine fabrics and sewing and in fact anything creative and started making wedding invitations (as a hobby) as well as making wedding dresses and ballgowns and christening gowns etc. for family and friends.  As time ticked away, as it does.I never lost the dream and it just hit me one day that I was going to open a bridal shop and get on with it, a kind of its now or never moment.  I opened The Bridal Collection in January 2009 in our first premises on North Road and the business went from strength to strength over the years with more stock, more staff and eventually needing bigger premises. We moved to our current premises in September 2016, a big step financially but it was 100% the right thing to do, the extra space has allowed us to expand into occasionwear and it just feels like home.  I love change and am always coming up with new ideas to mix things up a little, the team know those three little words Im famous for very well. Ive been thinking!  I have always been blessed with an amazing core team, some no longer with us but their contribution will always be a special part of The Bridal Collection.  I do value my team so much they are all truly amazing ladies who love what they do and are passionate about making everything the very best they can for our customers and thats very important to me.  This year of course has been challenging and we are not through the woods yet but, onwards and upwards with our big girl pants on and we will get through the next few months and back to some normality in our fabulous industry.