Post Covid-19 - Will I still have time to find my wedding dress?

Post Covid-19 - Will I still have time to find my wedding dress?. Mobile Image

May 18, 2020

Post Covid-19 - Will I still have time to find my wedding dress?
Whilst we are all currently stuck in the Covid-19 cloud we know some of you are worrying about timescales and the main question being asked is once lockdown is lifted, is there still time to find my wedding dress in time for my wedding?
This is where we can hopefully help! Over the past few years it has been the norm for a bridal gown order to take around four to five months, occasionally even six and thats usually not a problem as in our experience, most brides start their browsing through books and websites as soon as theyve set the date. Usually visiting a boutique to find the one around 12-18 months before and we would say 12 months before is the most popular timescale.  That gives plenty of time for your dress to arrive, for you to come and put it on for the first time, choose your accessories and then, before you know it, its time for your seamstress fittings, it does all fly past very quickly!
Even before the Covid-19 cloud, we were seeing a slight change in trend with more brides leaving it a little later, say 6-9 months before their wedding. One reason weve seen is that couples are making the decision lets do it and just wanting to get on with it so its no surprise that to respond to that demand for faster timescales, not only have our designers tried to shorten the lead times for manufacture, they have also started to make some wedding dresses available on a faster turnaround. Now these may only be a few selected styles but so far it seems to be working and we have been able to order wedding dresses arriving into us within two to three months and some directly from designers stock and ready immediately.
We also have assurance from our designers that they are continuing to make their gorgeous dresses during lockdown to make sure their stocks are as high as possible post lockdown to give us all as much choice to offer our brides on short lead times.
The main thing for us is that we dont want to limit your choice just because you have a shorter lead time until your weddingso to add to all of the above, we have our Outlet Department.  This is a collection of around 80 dresses, right across the styles and sizes, that either we or the designer have taken off range and these are available from the boutique immediately a little tweak here and there to fit you perfectly and youre good to go! So this turnaround can be as quick as a couple of weeks!  There is an added bonus too, our Outlet wedding dresses are all half price!
So please dont worry that youve not been able to get out and find your wedding dress, once we are able to re-open, Im sure we can help!