Wedding dresses - what sizes do you stock & does size matter?

Wedding dresses - what sizes do you stock & does size matter?. Mobile Image

May 11, 2020

Following on from Sallys recent video answering some of your questions on the sizes of wedding dresses, lets look at those questions around the subject.
What wedding dress sizes do you have in the boutique?
Our gowns range from a bridal size 8 up to a size 28 in the boutique.  We can however order dresses for our brides in any size from a size 2 up to a size 30.  These sizes are spread throughout our different designers and styles of dress. Its interesting to know that our average bridal size we order is a bridal size 16.
Ive heard wedding dress sizes are different from high street sizes, is that right?
Yes, it is right! You may be one of those people who can go into any high street shop and know that every size 14 will fit you straight off the peg, or, like me, youll find that one high street shop size 18 fits and in another its a size 20.  Its not so different with wedding dress designers, they all use their own sizing chart so our Maggie Sottero dresses use a different chart to our Justin Alexander dresses.  However, all of our wedding dress designer charts measure out smaller than those normal UK highs street fashion stores work to, its just the way its always been!  That doesnt really matter in the boutique, we ask you to leave the high street sizing at the door for your bridal appointment.  Our number one priority is to achieve the absolute best fit for you when your wedding dress arrives and we do that by using your measurements and those of the designer of your dress.
Do you carry a plus size range of wedding dresses?
We made a decision not to buy a specifically labelled plus size range. The reason being, we have so much confidence in the styles our current designers carry, knowing that the choice they give us in style and structure works right across the sizes.  That gives us the option to choose specific styles that would suit a very petite frame who may like to enhance particular parts of their figure as well as a more curvy figure who wants to emphasis one area and cover up another.  Our stylists love working with every shape and size and finding that fabulous fit to flatter whatever your size.
Can you alter my wedding dress?
Of course! We have an amazing team of seamstresses in the boutique who will make sure your dress is the perfect fit right up to a few days before your wedding when we do the final check and you take it home with you.  As weve mentioned, your wedding dress will be ordered in the best fit for your from the size chart and your measurements but there arent many brides who fit the chart perfectly, it may be that on the waist and hips its perfect but needs a slight alteration on the bust area.  Or it may be that you lose or gain a little weight between being measured and your wedding dress fitting thats not a problem and again, thats where our seamstresses and their magic comes in!
So, in this instance, size doesnt matter, its just a number we use to make sure your wedding dress when it arrives is the best possible fit for you so we can help you look and feel fabulous on your wedding day, after all, thats what its all about! We hope we have put your mind at rest and we look forward to seeing you soon. The Bridal Collection Team x