Covid-19: Wedding dresses & When will we see you again?

Covid-19: Wedding dresses & When will we see you again?. Mobile Image

May 05, 2020

Covid-19 Wedding dress shopping & When will we see you again?
The short answer here is I just dont know!
How I feel it will all pan out changes from day to day, dependant on my mood and on how positive Im feeling on that particular day.  On a bad day, my heart rules my head and the sadness of not seeing my family and friends and not being in my gorgeous boutique takes its toll and makes me more pessimistic but then, I give myself a good talking to and remember how lucky I am that I havent lost anyone to this silent killer, sadly, thats not the case for so many others.
I am clear that following the Government guidelines and restrictions to stay at home is the best thing to do at the moment and when those dreadful statistics start to fall to a deemed safe number meaning we have the upper hand on the virus, then I trust the Government will aim to get us all back to work to recover the economy as soon as is safely possible.
So, on a good day, I am positive.  Positive we will come through this as a nation and personally, that my bridal business will come through this and so I plan, I make lists and I probably overthink things but thats me.
So what are my thoughts at this stage in the game Im not sure when we will be allowed to go back and reopen the boutique, in my head, based purely on whats happening with all of the Coronavirus effects shown in the statistics, I dont think we will be able to safely return before June/July.
The wedding industry has, like many others, been hit hard and Im sure many of you will know someone who has had to postpone their wedding.  From our viewpoint, weve seen all of our April, May and June weddings sadly postponed and although some of our brides are hanging on to their July and August dates, I know they too fear that in reality they may have to be postponed.  I know that Lancashire Registry offices are currently saying no new dates until September but again, like us, they are still in the dark and feeling their way as they go along.
There are of course essential sectors that are still open, supermarkets for example and Im sure most of us have witnessed the social distancing measures they are putting into place to facilitate us being able to shop as safely as possible.  As important as my bridal boutique is to me and my staff, it is not an essential business and I understand that and as restrictions start to lift I dont think we will be the kind of business that will be at the forefront of those allowed to operate, I dont feel we would be able to go about our day to day operations if we couldnt get reasonably close to our customers so thats the reason it wouldnt be practical or safe for us to resume straight away.  That said, once we are allowed to return and thats when the risk factor has dropped so low with fewer people carrying and passing on the virus, we will still operate within any practical safety guidelines.  For example, minimising the number of people in the boutique at any one time and ensuring complete separation of appointments in the boutique, as well as our cleaning and hygiene regime in between appointments.
So, watch this space as once we are allowed to open we will have given great thought to how we might do this and will make sure we pass this on to you, our customers.  In the meantime, we are here, on the end of the phone, via email or via our Facebook messenger. I have all of those media transferred to my home office and have also to hand all of the paperwork I need to answer most of your queries.  Take care and stay safe.  Debbie