Coronavirus Action

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Mar 30, 2020

We are so sorry for all of our couples who have spent months and years planning their wedding day and now all of that has come crashing down so abruptly.  We all feel like this is so unreal at the moment...with only one week of 'lockdown' passed and sadly, it seems, many more weeks to come.  I've had lots of conversations over the past week with our brides and some of you are coming to terms with the fact of wedding postponement now.  Of course we take positivity from the word 'postponement', that's what it is and before you know it, this will be a distant memory and you will have your big day to look forward to again. Sadly of course, we know that for many families, those that are losing their loved ones to Covid-19, the future will never quite be the same again and our love and thoughts are with them. Stay safe everyone...and stay home! We look forward to being back in the boutique when the time is right x